Chiba-ken of Hawaii Japanese Sushi House

Its Not Just a Meal, Its an Experience

Hawaii's Chiba-Ken Japanese sushi house restaurant is named after owner Koji Okada's hometown of  Chiba-Ken (千葉県, Chiba-ken). A
prefecture of Japan located in the Greater Tokyo Area of Honshū Island. Chiba's meibutsu (名物 lit: famous thing) is peanuts. Most of Japan's
peanuts are harvested in this prefecture and are also processed into peanut oils and other products.

Chiba-ken is a small restaurant with a unique feel. Don't let its modest size mislead you, the quality of the food and value priced menu is hard
to beat anywhere. When you take into consideration that Chiba-ken its located in Waikiki a short walk from the Hawaiian Prince Hotel, the Hilton
Hawaiian village and the Hale Koa Hotel to name a few, the value and quality are simply unbelievable.

The owner and head sushi chef, Koji Okada hand selects all his ingredients ensuring only the finest and freshest ones make it into his
restaurant and on to your table. The restaurant's atmosphere is friendly, relaxed but stylish, sit at the sushi bar and your almost guaranteed to
make some new friends. Chiba-Ken is the perfect place to bring a date, a friend, a spouse, or all by your self.

The restaurant has developed quite a following of regulars who come to enjoy Chiba-Ken's culinary offerings as well as the atmosphere
frequenting the restaurant several times a week. Don't be surprised to see some of the same folks you may have remembered from your first

Stop by Chiba-ken, you wont be disappointed you did, and when you come back, try something different if your not sure what to eat simply ask
the chef for his recommendation and enjoy the Chiba-Ken experience.

  •        Authentic Japanese cuisine
  •        In the Japanese restaurant business for over 20 years
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468 Ena Rd
Honolulu, HI 96815
(808) 941-2800
The little orange building
with the big personally and charm.
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